Flush & Vetox is a program with the aim of assisting members increase their consumption of fibrous foods, and foods as close as possible to their natural state. It is a program with the aim of instilling dietary behaviours in members that can lead towards the inclusion of these foods in their diet on a more consistent basis relative to their start points. This is also a program that is leaned to the foods that are in season, allergic profile of members, budget, meal consumption habits & more. The liquid component is the flush. The flush follows a 3 color schema: Green, Yellow, Red. While collectively all liquids offer health benefits, each color scheme offers more value than the other. The green color scheme is more so beneficial in the area of immune support and anti-inflammation. The yellow color scheme is more so beneficial in the area of energy, and with guiding you towards pushing through the rest of the day. The red schema provides the combined benefits of both red & yellow schemas.

The vetox is the solid component. This component of the program is relatively easier to stick to than the flush component although this too is challenging. This compent revolves around the preparation & consumption of meals without the addition of salt, and in some cases with only a small application of oil. This component of the program offers the protein the fat soluble vitamins & the complex carbs in a ratio that assists with cutting back on your consumption of calories from fat & simple carbs.

Another component of this program is the support & supervision (For Supervised Versions Only) provided by O’Shane Bryant Fitness. This is a crucial component as it assists in the area of your safety & stick-to-itiveness. Generally, support is given at 4 points of the day: 10am, 1pm, 4pm & 7pm. With flush days generally being low calorie days, these are the days that persons can experience hunger, irritability, and in cases of too long a time gap between meals, headaches. This is why the support & supervision are crucial.

And finally, the exercises, to build muscle tone, and contribute further to the reduction in abdominal inches Combined, all of these components are what make the flush & vetox program of O’Shane Bryant Fitness an effective one.

Get the benefits of our new 3 week flush & vetox spring (Supervised) version program.

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Oshane Bryant.

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