Here are some updates to our overall system that current members, and prospective members needs to know:

1. Set Training Focus Days

Now training will go according to set training focus days. What this means is that generally there will be set days for members:

-Strength Training

-Cardiorespiratory & Core

-Partner/Plyo & Agility  Days

-Balance, Core & More


It is important to note that the set training modalities above may not be the same for all group personal training locations. For UWI, the days are as follows:

-Strength Training (Mondays)

-Cardiorespiratory & Core (Tuesdays)

-Partner/Plyo & Agility  Days (Wednesdays)

-Balance, Core & More (Thursdays)

-Freestyle (Fridays)

2. Training Scheduling (Time)

An important feature of this training system is the flexibility in training scheduling members are allowed. What this means is that members doesn’t have to train on the same day & time in a given cycle and members can cancel sessions and have sessions roll-over (with notification to the trainer avg 6 hours prior training session) thus giving them the opportunity to do more sessions in the following week relative to a week before under this feature. The only thing members need to bear in mind now is that although they can still benefit from session roll-over, given that there are now set training days, they may miss out on the given program scheduled for the day

3. Watts App Support Group

The watts app group serves as a community hub and point of notices. The group will continue to be the source of updates for all things relevant to the health & fitness members. For fluidity, of the overall training experience the call for weekly training schedules will remain. The call for weekly schedules will be given out between 5pm & 7pm throughout the life of a given cycle. Members are asked to give schedules before the end of the same night for fluidity of sessions weekly.

4. Virtual Nutri Support

Virtual Nutri Support has been focussed on guiding members towards an improved dietary habit according to their goals, location & time of day, budget & more. This will continue, but to promote continued adoption of the principles taught over the 3 days in a typical monthly package, virtual nutri support will include homework for members & challenges that will be done freestyle month by month.


5. Exercise Homework

This wont change. members will still be given their weekly homework to do at home. But challenges will be thrown into the mix along with competitions as motivation. just as virtual nutri support above, this will be done freestyle month by month.


6. Supplemental

Members can expect guests and partners to come in at given sessions to offer supplemental value. A couple of the valuable additions members can look out for include:

-Basic Defense Days

-Massage Days


With these modifications the outlook for group personal training 2018 looks bright.

Do you feel the same?


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Written By

Oshane Bryant

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