Lactose Intolerance is a common food intolerance I encounter in my capacity as Program Manager of O’Shane Bryant Fitness. In any given training cycle an average of 20%-30% of our active membership base will inform us of being lactose intolerant. Lactose Intolerance is not life-threatening on the onset. However, it does present a combination of dietary, nutritional and exercise implications to name a few.

A person is generally considered (by a medical doctor), to be lactose intolerant when they experience digestive signals after the consumption of food products containing the sugar lactose; and/or doesn’t have any, or have enough of the enzyme (lactase), which is responsible for breaking down the lactose  sugar into its simpler state necessary for absorption. The digestive signals generally includes:

-Feeling Bloated


Of course, a typical way persons such as yourself, and our members tend to manage their intolerance is through the avoidance of certain foods that generally contains lactose. And the prime food category that is avoided is dairy (milk) and its derivatives:


-Ice cream

-Milk Smoothies

-Milk Shakes

This dietary restriction, just as is (without the adequate substitutes) has both nutritional and exercise implications. Milk and its food derivatives, in addition to being good sources of lactose, are also good sources of:

a. Calcium

b. Phosphorous

c. Vitamin D

d. Iron

These minerals are important for  a wealth of body functions, such as:

*Energy Production (ATP, ADP, NADP, Beta Oxidation)

*Bone Remodeling & Health

*Muscle Contraction

And if we’re not getting enough of these minerals on a daily in our diet, or in the state where our bodies can absorb, then our exercise performance, recovery, and joint fitness-aesthetic results cannot be realized.

Substitute Food Ideas

Here are some substitute food ideas to supplement you with the nutrients you typically miss through the avoidance of dairy foods. This information ought to be used for information purposes only. Be sure to follow your doctors advice:

  1. Alternative Milk (Soy, Almond, Rice, etc,) These products while absent of lactose are generally fortified with Calcium & Vitamin D. Be sure to look for the word “Fortified”.
  2. Organ Meat (Liver): This is an excellent source of Iron & a good source of vitamin D
  3. To read further, please click or follow the link:

Written By

Oshane Bryant

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