Exercise is widely accepted as an importance for our optimal health, and performance both as individuals, and as a nation. Yet, across all age groups of our population, and in particular, the professional aged (avg 25yrs-64yrs) segment of our population–arguably the most important, serving as primary drivers of our economy–not everyone exercises at the recommended industry standards of 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, at moderate intensity and volume.

What are Some of the Reasons for This?

  • Long, Stressful, Erratic Work Hours & Shifts (e.g., 12 hour work shifts for security guards; 24+hours for medical professionals during times of short staff or emergency situations).
  • Travel Time & Distance: long distances from home-work-gym/trainer can be draining and too time-consuming.
  • Family Responsibilities: the demand(s) of kids and a spouse, quite understandably competes with personal time and resources (food & finances); both of which that could’ve been used for exercise.

Given these challenges towards universal exercise adoption at the industry recommended standards, by persons belonging to this population segment, below are some workable solutions for you if you happen to experience such challenge(s):

Workable Exercise Solutions

  1. Identify  10 minutes (morning/evening hours) in a given day within your week that typically could be used for exercise: It could be within the first 20 minutes of waking up for work; it could be within the your wrap up hours at, or after work; It could be within the time period you alot to supervising your kids with their homework. This is a suggested solution that will take some thinking, and may not be the same for both yourself and spouse, or yourself and co-worker to say the least. Once identified, jot down the available 10 minutes and time period they fall under within the given day. After you’ve done this for 1 day, repeat this task for the other 6 days that fall within your week.
  2. Commit yourself towards exercising a minimum 2-3 days weekly. This is a safe place to start in terms of weekly exercise frequency that’ll give you better room to stay the course, and keep fatigue (mental, emotional, physical) at a relatively manageable scale in comparison to starting an exercise regime at a frequency of 4-5 days weekly. After roughly 4-6 weeks, all else being equal, you can increase your exercise days to 4-5 times weekly.
  3. Source an Accountability Partner: This partner can…serve as your fellow exerciser (If you have kids, this a great place to get them involved and further strengthen the bond between you); be your spouse-operating as the human alarm & reminder, and even functioning as the cheerleader/drill sergeant; be a close friend operating as the exercise detective, probing into your workout history, or working out with you as a source of motivation.

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