In an effort to continue offering the top quality fitness service to members that will ultimately yield in their fitness results, O’Shane Bryant Fitness is now teaming up with top Physical Therapy organization: “Everything Therapy” to offer pre-workout & post-workout massages to members. And what better way to introduce this partnership to OB Fitness Members than with a free massage day for members on Janaury 23, 2018, 4:30pm-7:30pm over by the Leslie Robinson Hall, on the UWI Mona Campus!

Massage has been used for the treatment of illness and injury for thousands of years by health care practitioners. It has been promoted as a treatment choice for musculoskeletal injuries, relaxation, stress and anxiety, amongst other things. As such, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Athletic Trainers have frequently used different types of massage techniques to assist with the preparation of the exercising individual for their impending activity. This pre massage feature has been reported to enhance performance during workout, training, or competition and is suggestive of abating injuries during activity. Not to forget that pre massage works best with a proper warm up program and does NOT replace it. Post massage is heavily used to assist with optimizing recovery of an individual from exercise, and works best with an active recovery, flexibility and hydration program.

Some studies have reported the benefits of massage to include, but not limited to:

  • Decrease Mood and Anxiety 2,3
  • Promotion of Relaxation 4,5
  • Increase Strength Performance 6,7
  • Improve Exercise Performance 8,9,4,5
  • Reduce the Severity of Muscle Soreness 10
  • Reduce Creatine Kinase levels 11
  • May Abate Injuries 4,5


The American Massage Association states that those who participate in exercise programs, as well as athletes in training, can benefit from massage therapy.

It is also important to note that infrequent massage sessions are nice (primarily due to the psychological effects), but the effects aren’t long lasting, and as such a regular massage program is warranted. Just like exercise and proper eating the effects are cumulative, so a regular massage program performed by a professional (registered or certified Physical Therapist/ Massage Therapist/ Athletic Trainer) can allow you to reap the maximum rewards.

O’Shane Bryant Fitness welcomes Everything Therapy. And looks forward to a lasting & rewarding partnership for the members of O’Shane Bryant Fitness, Everything Therapy & O’Shane Bryant Fitness.

All interested members are being asked to contact me through email ( or wattsapp (876-816-1726) to book their massage session on January 23, 2018. To become a member of our group personal training system, click

Written By,

Oshane Bryant                                            

 O’Shane Bryant Fitness   


Dr. Lorie Lawrence – CEO


(876) 789 5634

IG: everythingtherapy




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