Sleeping under the Gazebo at UWI, Mona Sunday-Friday each week. Walking from UWI 3am to head to Waterloo Road at Raphaels for 5am session, and beating it on the floor as a floor instructor, till 3pm. Journeying back to UWI for 5pm to host personal training sessions back to back till 10pm. Then reading in the main library from 11pm-2am:



* Entrepreneurship & Management.

All while eating 2 Yummy Bulla, and a Lasco a day. Then, napping till 3am, only to repeat the process. Onward to journeying to Newport Manchester every Saturday, with just enough energy to sleep, wash, eat mackerel and Dumpling and sleep. Only to then leave at 5pm every Sunday with duffle bag, to make my way back to UWI, Mona. For 28 months this was my daily, and weekly operation. And it was very much a physically and other ‘ally’ draining period.

Yet, in spite of this, i constantly told myself, clients and detractors, that I’m going to create a great entity that will help many people lead healthier lifestyles for the long term. So strong was my belief. So clear was my vision, that i couldn’t be dissuaded. Even as I encountered many betrayals, abandonment, and near-death experiences

Fast-Forward 4 years (2018), and here exists O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited– a sustainably driven healthy lifestyle entity, positioned to assist people world-over. One that’s filled with the passion and drive, to significantly reduce the global burden of CNCD’s and their ill effects on the health, and productivity of families, communities and nations world-over. An entity that is culturally sensitive to the circumstances that are pivotal to the decision-making of the people and entities it’s in existence to serve.


It’s an extremely overwhelming and proud feeling to be witnessing O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited take shape as it is. Many thanks is given to the almighty for blessing me as the founder, and main creative of this entity, with the many rich experiences that I have. Experiences that have enabled me to maximize on my many talents & abilities,  and positively impact the lives of the many I’ve come into contact with thus far, and will come into contact with in the near future.

Many thanks to him also for blessing me with a core team. A team with varied skill sets and personalities, that fit the cause of O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited, and  greatly assists O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited in its quest of creating a world of communities, where members impart what they’ve learnt, to members of their families; their organizational setting; their schools; and place of worship,  as a means of sustainably improving their capacity to stay the course, of leading a healthier lifestyle:

– Alrick Francis

-Serone Knight

-Camille Wint

-Tavian Hall

-Stacy Ann Ricketts

-Denesha Bailey

-Kishon Shaw

-Marissa, Nidia, Mrs Thaxter,

By all means, managing a team, an entity, the expectations of the people this entity serves, and my being is a tumultuous task. The pressure is overwhelming. The sacrifices are many. Yet, I stay the course; I still give God thanks; and I push on for the cause.

It’s amazing, this journey. It’s awe-inspiring to think that in this time of me writing this blog post, i cannot see any limitation to the scope of trnsformative influence of O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited. It’s truly amazing

This Entity is truly positioned for take-off. Let’s see what the future holds!


O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited…Mad ting!!!

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Oshane Bryant.


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