In a quest to increase Jamaica’s capacity to stem the threat of CNCDs (chronic non-communicable diseases) and their debilitating effects on the Jamaican economy, two of Jamaica’s top fitness entities have joined forces to formally create a curriculum with a primary focus to train & develop new & current fitness professionals in Jamaica.

“To truly improve our capacity of combatting the threat of reduced productivity at family, community, organization & national scales, due to diseases that are lifestyle related (Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, etc.) we have to increase the numbers of our population engaged in exercise at the community level, across Jamaica; Increasing the number of fitness professionals, accessible in communities across the island is one such method.”
(Oshane Bryant-O’Shane Bryant Fitness).

Combined, both entities boast over 35 years of workable experience in Fitness & Martial Arts; and are the producers of some of the top fitness professionals that work in the fitness industry locally (Jamaica), regionally (Caribbean), and across sections of the world.

“To truly combat the threat of CNCDs on our economy (Jamaican), and our public health, we need to have serious professionals who are serious about their work, knowledgeable, and likeable.”
(Master Bryan Campbell-KUKIBO Martial Arts & Fitness Association).

Expect follow-up on the development of this nationally important venture.

In an effort to continue offering the top quality fitness service to members that will ultimately yield in their fitness results, O’Shane Bryant Fitness is now teaming up with top Physical Therapy organization: “Everything Therapy” to offer pre-workout & post-workout massages to members. And what better way to introduce this partnership to OB Fitness Members…

Here are some updates to our overall system that current members, and prospective members needs to know: 1. Set Training Focus Days Now training will go according to set training focus days. What this means is that generally there will be set days for members: -Strength Training -Cardiorespiratory & Core -Partner/Plyo & Agility  Days -Balance,…

The flush & vetox is a program with the aim of assisting members increase their consumption of fibrous foods, and foods as close as possible to their natural state. It is a program with the aim of instilling dietary behaviours in members that can lead towards the inclusion of these foods in their diet on…

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