Christmas Burn-Off eBooks: Your dietary & home workout guide to lose inches this Christmas

$ 3,900

Between November 27, 2018-December 21, 2018, purchase any version (Printed or eCopy) of both books of Christmas Burn-Off, & get free access to our WhatsApp Community in January 2019.

Includes 2 eBooks:

  • Book 1: Christmas Burn-Off: Eat The Foods You Love, Lose Inches This Christmas “The Jamaican Edition”
  • Book 2: Christmas Burn-Off: The Exercise & Physical Activity Guide To Losing Inches “The Jamaican Edition”

Do you want you and your family to enjoy all the sumptuous Jamaican Christmas delicacies, but want to do so without gaining inches especially around the waist, and putting yourselves at greater risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases?

Are you or a family member of yours living with a lifestyle-related health condition(s) and would like a practical meal, physical activity & workout guide:

  • That is easy to follow
  • Relevant
  • That can be done at home, without the need for bulky gym equipment that takes up space, or expensive gym membership that takes you away from your family
  • that will reduce inches, assist with controlling your numbers, and lift your joy, the joy of Christmas

Then these books are definitely for you; books that can be used for this Christmas & many “Christmases” to come.

Still not convinced that these books are for you? Hear more from the author himself, see video below.


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Let’s be honest, living a life with a healthy lifestyle, and dropping the inches from off your waist doesn’t mean that you need to avoid the Christmas foods you love or grew up loving so much:

  • You don’t have to avoid the Christmas Cake
  • You don’t have to avoid the Sorrel Wine
  • You don’t have to avoid the Rice & Peas with Curry Goat & Ham

These are just some of the stressful mistruths that can leave you gaining fat weight & inches instead of losing them.

In this book series, you will learn the solutions of eating, physical activity & home exercise that are tabled, easy to follow, and that will make losing average ½ inch-2inches off your waist in 4-8weeks,

“A Easy One-Two”


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