Fitness Professional Certification, Level 1

$ 20,000

This program is a 6 week Certification Course geared towards the
professional development of individuals who are desirous of working as Personal
Trainers, especially those with very little background and experience. The course
involves theory, which is taught virtually, and practical face-to-face sessions.

Learners will gain knowledge and exposure in the following areas:
• Gross Muscular and Skeletal System
• Basics in Nutrition
• Professionalism and Soft Skills in Personal Training
• Basics in Motivation and Cueing
• Client Scenarios and Intro to Program Design

Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:
 Demonstrate working knowledge of the gross human muscular, skeletal
and nervous anatomy.

 Demonstrate knowledge of ethical principles to function as a competent
fitness professional.

 Exercise basic understanding of sports nutrition and exercise physiology.

 Demonstrate working knowledge of body weight and resistance exercises,
muscles/systems worked and benefits to humans.

 Have practical experience of working with clients in a group personal
training setting with a mixture off goals, abilities and limitations.

 Apply critical thinking towards conducting research and solving
problems related to program design, client motivation/engagement or

1. KUKIBO (Kung Fu Kickboxing & Martial Arts Association).

2. O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited.

Combined, both entities boast over 45 working years in Fitness, Nutrition,
Environmental Studies & Martial Arts; and are the producers of some of the top
professionals that work in the Fitness industry locally, regionally and throughout
sections of the world.
In addition, these entities have been featured across Jamaican Media (TVJ,
Gleaner, RJR etc.,) for their work which includes: Losing It, Christmas
Burn-Off E-books, & JABBFA (Jamaica Amateur Body Building & Fitness
Association), among others.
Both of these entities are greatly sought after by corporate entities and
consumers alike. Hence, the need to formally create a curriculum to train and
develop fresh talent who can join the ranks of both entities, and/or ultimately
contribute towards a healthier, productive nation, people and economy.

Note Briefly
All applicants will have to pay a J$5000 application fee for processing & shortlisting. This cost is not a part of the certification fee. A 1 minute video of you executing the fitnedd test accordingly must be submitted with your application.

After submitting your application, you will receive a contact from a representative of O’Shane Bryant Fitness Limited, highlighting the procedures to finalize program sign-up, payment and more.

All Applications must be submitted through email to

And be directed to Oshane Bryant (Founder & Managing Director).

Next Upcoming Training Period

Important Dates/Periods

Application Period: February 13-April 5, 2019.

Notification of Selected Trainees: April 8-11, 2019.

Certification Training Period: April 13-May 18, 2019.

Certifate Awarding: May 25, 2019.