Our hearts beat oxygenated blood throughout our body. With each intake of air, we take in life–gases our body utilizes for various metabolic processes. Processes that allows us to process and make sense of the world we live in.

*But does this mean we are alive?*

In the context of biology, yes we are.

But in the context of purpose– purpose communicated to us as our reason for still being able to enact the biologic processes of  life, not necessarily.

You see, in the realms of sociology, it’s been communicated continuously that to be living, we must be fulfilled. And to be fulfilled, we must be fully grounded on what our purpose is, and to diligently pursue this purpose. It is then we will be exposed to, and dwell in an oasis of calm and serenity.


Inherently as living beings, we all want to be fulfilled. We all want to wake up living in our purpose. We all want to know how, the steps to take, and the channels to go through to diligently pursue our purpose. The reality however, is that living in our purpose is very difficult to come by. So difficult, that many people accept a life that isnt as fulfilling but ‘can work with’.

Can you relate?

Living a life that isn’t in line with your purpose is frustrating. Living a life that isn’t in line with your purpose is deflating. Living a life that isn’t in line with your purpose, is existing.

When we are short of a life of purpose, we constantly beckon to ourselves we want more. We constantly say to ourselves we need to do what makes us happy. What makes us feel fulfilled. We set out to embark on the journey of purpose seek for answers, pieces of the puzzle for what it is.

But many times we desist.

In Part 2 i will share strategies for you to seek and diligently pursue your purpose. 

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