Obtaining My Gold

I have been following O’Shane Bryant Fitness for almost two years, and always wanted to know when Oshane Bryant will be coming to St. James, Jamaica. When he announced on his Facebook Page the date he was going to visit (May 2017), I made it a point of my duty not to miss out. This was the beginning of my fitness journey with O’Shane Bryant Fitness, and I haven’t regretted it a moment since.

I started out weighing 170 pounds and I’m now down to 150 pounds–this over a 4 months period. I have gained and lost inches in places on my body I always wanted to; and I’m now feeling better, and more confident overall. I was scheduled to do surgery. And now, thanks to the coaching provided by Oshane Bryant, a strong community of family & friends, along with my lifestyle change(s) and constant workout routine, I will not be doing any surgery. This is my gold.

These days I watch everything I eat:
-I have started measuring my portions
– And above all, I have started drinking water (which was something I never did before coming into contact with O’Shane Bryant Fitness).

Oshane Bryant is patient and has the capacity to both create solutions & bring out the best in people, even without many resources (fancy equipment & physical space) as he has done with me. His capacity to maintain a strong presence even within the virtual space is second to none. Altogether, O’Shane Bryant Fitness has impacted my life positively. I am proven testament that goals can be obtained with O’Shane Bryant Fitness; all it takes is:
1. Hard Work
2. Discipline
3. Dedication
4. The Will Power to be better, healthier, sexier, and fitter.

I would recommend O’Shane Bryant Fitness to anyone. And I will recommend O’Shane Bryant Fitness to you if you’re in need of unearthing your best self, and you’re willing to put in the work.

Thanks O’Shane Bryant Fitness.


Written By
Taneisha Bartley

Taneisha Bartley

Everything felt and looked great, I honestly had the balance that I needed

Fitness Journey

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” -Jim Rohn.

My OB Fitness journey began in 2016, at that time I weighed 169 lbs. I joined OB Fitness as I was never consistent with my workout plans and portion control at home. Especially as a student I’ve realized that losing weight was more difficult being plagued by the daily stresses and over exhaustion of life. These factors thus led me to pursue the balance that I needed between workout and school, which I must admit was by far was the hardest physical task I have ever encountered.

My journey continued where I had Monday, Wednesday and Friday one hour evening schedules which was ideal for me as I usually had late hospital days. The sessions was focused on different objectives each day: cardio, calisthenics and core strength. I enjoyed every moment of it, “Continue Ramnarine!” Is what I heard every time I felt to stop my sets and reps and I really appreciated the push, because not only did it pressure me physically, but it assisted in the overall strengthening of my mental endurance.

Additionally, exercising with group members compared to individual workout compelled my urge to finish my workout reps more quickly. Not only was I driven to push harder, but I had so much fun from the numerous jokes shared. Personally, I loved exercising with everyone…to me it was like “Getting fit with the family.”

My successes began when I started feeling more toned and my friends were complimenting how good I looked. I could now do a couple of laps without feeling to pass out, my breathing technique was much more controlled, stamina was improved and my diet consisted of more protein and less fat.

Everything felt and looked great, I honestly had the balance that I needed which overall boosted my confidence. Personally, I was never a person to jump on a scale often for figures, however I knew for a fact that I had lost weight as my clothes had more space, my abdominal muscles appeared more contracted, my different muscle groups were tightened, I was so digging my new changes.

However, with all success stories, there’s always problems. I’m usually that person who went out to dinner and attended many social events so my cheat days at times went more than planned. To add, some days when I had night duties at work, contributed to skipping workouts and binge eating of wrong foods/snacks which definitely hindered my progress in OBF. Despite this, my trainer understood my challenges faced, and continued to push me back on track when necessary.

To conclude, while I’m no expertise at weight loss or workout management as I am still continuing to learn in my OBF advancement; I understand that losing weight can be a daunting task. I currently weigh 158 lbs (May 2017) and is still aiming to build more muscle mass and lose some more pounds as well as totally control my cheat days and not skip my sessions. However despite the obstacles, everyone can do it, therefore I urge each person to fight the good fight through the struggling process, as patience can truly be rewarding.

Victoria Ramnarine

I lost a whopping 60 lbs

Fitness Journey

When I start my journey with O’Shane Bryant Fitness I was 275 pounds. I never had a self confidence issue but I knew a 275 lbs Phillip wasn’t the best me.

I’ve always tried to lose weight on my own but it never lasted more than a month as daily life would make it hard to remain consistent.
OB Fitness is more than just the run of the mill fitness scheme because to the founder of this brilliant business we the clients are family; hence why such detail is placed in organizing your life to meet your fitness goals.

Oshane is a practical human being like us all. He has guided me through the nutritional aspects to reach my goals as well and I can testify my food bill has been significantly reduced and I’m more full now at meals than when I had started.

Often times we mistake fitness with bulk and muscle mass whilst with OB Fitness you can achieve it the training program provides you with so much more. So from heavy deep wheezing breaths from 10 mins of walk at 275 lbs I can do hours of laps @215lbs

So why OB Fitness?

If you are really serious of not just losing weight but living a longer and healthier you, you not only can achieve but will have a team that is eager to take you there.


I love O’Shane Bryant Fitness, because we are family

Fitness Journey

My name is Coleen Morris and I am five feet flat. When I began the program I weighed 180 lbs. Can you believe that? Yes, it was bad. I was heading down a road whereby I needed to make a strong U-turn. It was necessary for me to do some serious damage control. I noticed the group personal training of O’Shane Bryant Fitness on Campus long before I could even acknowledge that I needed to get more active in order to get fit. They all seemed like they had a plan and were on the right track to getting there. As such, I needed to be amongst these individuals who were doing something right. In fact, I believed they were accomplishing something I lacked the confidence and willingness to attempt. I had no drive to exercise nor diet. On the other hand however, I knew it was necessary. Armed with a renewed sense of self improvement, I started my journey with the intent that I need to get fit. I knew I needed this change in my life and my health, and I trust OB Fitness to pave the pathway towards my success.

The journey has been far from easy. While some triumph in particular areas, some fall prey to others. In my case, I enjoyed the sessions. In the initial stages of the programme, I sometimes felt tired, frustrated and reluctant to attend the sessions. However, those thoughts were dismissed when I reflect on how hard I have worked to pay for the session. It is important to find what motivates you. Over time I learned to enjoy the exercises. In fact, I might even say that I look forward to the next challenge as I enjoyed the light competitive nature that the group personal training afforded us. As such, I felt as though I excelled in the exercising, weight lifting and my overall willingness to complete the tasks successfully.

On the other hand, my greatness weakness was in dieting. At some stages, we all experience lack of control. In fact, I remember running through the rain to get an Oreo. It was a sad state. However, the space provided by O’Shane allows you to express freely without being shamed. I have never experienced any feelings of inadequacies. Instead, he provides a guide towards healthier alternatives and techniques regarding how to manage your cheat sweet.

My main achievement throughout this programme was getting fit. I was very active when I was younger; however, that outcome got placed on the sideline as life began to happen. As such, although it was ideal that I lost weight, it was more important for me to get fit and become healthier.

Why O’Shane Bryant Fitness?

Because we are a family.


It’s an investment that you will not regret

Fitness Journey

I started with OB fitness in July 2016 mainly because I wanted to lose weight and while I led an active lifestyle I just didn’t feel or look healthy.

The journey has been a rewarding experience for me. I think the approach that O’Shane uses where he gets to know the individuals and their goals and fitness aspirations is a good one because the programmes are designed with the individual in mind.

Almost nine months into my new fitness regime and I feel healthier. The changes in my body are also evident in my arms, chest and especially around my waist.

I would say allow OB fitness to make the change in your life that you know is necessary; it’s an investment that you will not regret.

Roger Bent

O’Shane Bryant Fitness has been a Godsend for me

Fitness Journey

I have always wanted to lose weight but I just didn’t have the confidence to go to the gym. I was around 230 pounds and suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome so I knew I needed to start losing weight fast. When I first started with O‘Shane Bryant Fitness I wasn’t sure if the journey would have been like my previous attempts at losing weight. Nevertheless, I decided to make the effort and today I am happy I did. O’Shane has been very attentive in ensuring that the exercise program for each person is tailored to their body size, fitness level and desired goals. It’s not a one size fits all approach. The trainings are intense yet manageable. Although the process is sometimes challenging, you feel proud of your effort at the end of the day.

The meal update accountability program is another reason why I like O’Shane Bryant Fitness. Knowing that you always have to give an update about what you eat makes you less likely to cheat and this pushes you to eat healthier. I look forward to my two thumps up after I tell Him what I had that day. It is always a fulfilling feeling. So far I have lost about twenty pounds and I am now fitting into clothes that became too tight to wear. This for me is a huge success because I know I am making progress. Furthermore, I feel healthier, happier and more relaxed. With greater and more consistent effort I am confident that I will reach my desired weight and fitness.

I am very confident that anyone joining this program will be quite satisfied if they are willing to stay the course and be discipline. O’Shane Bryant Fitness has been a Godsend for me and for this reason I would gladly recommend it to anyone desiring change in their fitness life.


I no longer hate what is presented in the mirror

Fitness Journey

I was at a stage where my clothes no longer fit. I was plagued by self-doubt and had the tendency of settling in uncomfortable situations. I am not sure of my start weight as I avoided scales at all costs; it was too embarrassing.  I had fat in some unflattering places and was not pleased with what i saw in the mirror. I was always tired and though I had previously lost weight through dieting; I still was not pleased with where I was. 

In October 2015 I came upon O’Shane Bryant Fitness through a Facebook ad and decided to start working out and so far it has been an awesome journey.  During the workout sessions O’Shane pushed me to do workout moves that I had previously thought impossible.  He monitored my diet through virtual nutrition support and aided me in making better food choices; though this has been and still is my major challenge. O’Shane is approachable and even offers a listening ear to other fitness related issues (though I haven’t YET taken up the offer). He knows what he is about.

I have lost several inches throughout my body and have lost several clothes sizes. I now have more energy to carry out my daily tasks.  Though I am not where I want to be; I have made huge progress which has even impacted other areas of my life. I now have well-toned thighs (LOL). I no longer hate what is presented in the mirror. I am now able to execute a push-up (Yeah!!!)

Become a member of OBF if you want to regain control of your life, become re-energized, shed excess weight and get on a path of healthy living holistically. 


I feel and look better overall

Fitness Journey

I started my exercise journey with OB Fitness in September 2016. I had just gotten back from vacation in England and my body was not up to the level I wanted it to be. I had gained weight from literally just eating, resting and touring and I could not imagine going through the school year looking that way since I won’t be able to wear jackets 24/7 to cover up my fat.

I remember telling Oshane my goals… to lose weight, get a flat tummy (still working on it) and get a bigger butt lol. Up to this day my goals remain the same; however I have seen improvements in all of these areas.
My exercise regimen is quite simple, I train three days per week 6-7 am mainly because it’s cooler in the mornings. Committing to actually attend training has been challenging, especially when I study late because I would much rather stay in bed, but when I think about my body and spending money then I am motivated to actually get up and train.

Oshane has always been my trainer and occasionally Adrian assisted. They have both been constant motivators since I started this journey. Sometimes I think they need to tone it down but then I don’t think we will actually do what we should if they did so I am grateful for the constant pressure and encouragement.

Another aspect of this programme is the nutritional support. At first it was a bother to me; I would always forget to take pictures of my food to send it off to them, plus I can never be too precise with my measurement and also because of my school hours I hardly ate on time. This has gotten better over time but there is still room for improvement. Sometimes I have ice cream, chocolate, cake, pizza but not all at the same time… most times these are little rewards and I take these in very small portions. Thanks to the trainers and the members of the group for all the support, I do not regret committing to it now.

As I said before I have seen improvements in my body. I have lost weight, my core is stronger, I am more fit and I feel and look better overall.

I’ll encourage anyone to become apart of OB fitness because you’ll get all the support you need and OB fitness means business!


I lost 10 lbs and almost 3 inches off my waist in 6 weeks

Fitness Journey

I started my fitness journey with OB Fitness the first week in March 2017. I started at 162lbs the heaviest I have ever been. I ultimately wanted a healthier lifestyle to lose the weight and also make better choices when it came to eating. Hence I sought out O’Shane Bryant Fitness.

So far I completed my first 6weeks and by no means was it easy. It required a lot of dedication and consistency. My sessions included 3 face-to-face hourly times weekly, and also “homework” doing exercises requested by O’Shane at specific times. The virtual nutritionist helped me a lot with my I was made aware that what I was eating was too much and I only ate it because it was there. I was given different choices of foods to eat and the correct portions considering my daily energy needs. The team at O’Shane Bryant Fitness pushed and encouraged me to keep going even when sessions were intense. The program was set out to progress as I became stronger which made it a little easier. I complained through sessions but I still pushed myself with their help to keep going. I never gave up and because of this I lost 10 lbs and almost 3inches off my waist in 6weeks. I would encourage anyone to join because O’Shane Bryant Fitness methods work if you are willing to “put in the work”.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Natasha Simmons

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