What is your goal?

If you’ve ever been a member of a gym, or visited a gym.


If you’ve ever considered being a member of a gym, or visiting a gym.


If you’ve ever worked with a fitness/dietary/other health professional.

You can recall being asked, or expect to be asked this question.


If I were to ask you right now:

“What is your lifestyle goal?” your typical response will be one of, or in unique cases, all of the following:

  1. To get fit.
  2. To regain confidence.
  3. To better manage meal choices.
  4. To be in better health.

While it is a good place to start to establish a goal(s) by asking “what is your goal”. And then to follow up with “why is your established goal, your goal”. The next best thing to do is repeat the question:

“why is your established goal(s), your goal(s). Why?”

  • Is it your goal because your family member, or friend says that you should do something about it?
  • Is it your goal because of the glitz & glamour that dazzle your eyes when a media personality presents, or boast about it?
  • Is it your goal because its the trend?

The world in which we live in is a very difficult place. Everyday we open our eyes, we have to work just to cling to survival. Whether its for food, shelter, clean water, or clothing to put on our back, we have to work.

But Why do we do it?

Because if we don’t, we wont be able to cling unto the life we need to live in this world. So, if it’s even the last drop of strength we have left within us, after days without eating, and after days of being battered by the natural elements, with no clean water or shelter; or when the bills come around, and we cant find the first cent to pay,we will fight just to cling unto survival. For if  we don’t, our tale of life, living in this world, or living comfortably in this world will surely come to an end.

On the onset, you may not see the link, but just as how I said it, ought to be the way how you view your established lifestyle goals, and the way you approach them. If not, then when you’re presented with a challenge(s) that threatens your capacity to make your desired goal(s) a reality, that challenge will overcome your opposing efforts, and overwhelm you with the feeling of defeat, deflation and despair. Your ‘why,’ ought to be strong enough to the point where you’re willing to give your last bit of physical, mental & spiritual strength just so that your desired goal can become an actuality.

I would like to emphasize this also: “Losing battles are ok, just as long as you regroup, strategize & apply, you will eventually win the war.”

Your quest towards your lifestyle goals, will bring you face to face with many challenges and enemies. consider these as a healthy component of change. Success in achieving your goals will require you to make some changes.

These may include:

a. Reducing your food portions.

b. Joining a social group with similar goals for support and motivation to stay the course, and overcome your challenges.

c. Changing the people who form your social network.

d. Seeking spiritual strength from your supreme being.

Without change you cannot grow stature. without change, your goal will always be distant, and never achievable.

Unless you willing to work, face challenges, overcome challenges, and change so that your established lifestyle goals can be realized, those goals in truth, aren’t your goals. View your goals the same way how you view the value of your life; the same way how you’ll fight to preserve your life when threatened in anyway, ought to be the same way how you’ll fight to overcome the threats (challenges) towards your lifestyle goals.

What is your goal?

Why is your goal, your goal? Why?

Spread the message. Share with your love ones.

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Oshane Bryant

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