Controlled Blood Sugar. Reduced Body Fat Percentage. Increased Muscle Mass.

These are popular desired outcomes persons seek after when they decide to embark on an exercise or dietary regime. While there are a wide range of exercises, workouts, and diets, that can be developed and implemented on the part of the professional(s) working with the desirous client to achieve his/her desired outcome, the limiting and often most critical factor, is the ‘habit’ of the client. Our habits (typical and at times involuntary behavioral patterns) shape our way of life (culture). And without a grounding first in the factors (environmental triggers) that’ve over time shaped your culture, your quest to achieve your goals, or move beyond plateaus will be very difficult to come by.

Ask Yourself:
“What are my habits that hinder me from achieving, or are not aligned with my desired goals?”

This is the starting point. From there, you, and/or your team of professionals can go forward with developing a plan for you with a greater chance of success.

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